COST CliniMARK Training School

Monday, 23 September 2019 09:00 - Friday, 27 September 2019 20:00
Spetses Hotel, Greece

A very successful Cost Clinimark training school was taking place from September 23 to 27, 2019 in Spetses Greece. More than 50 doctoral and post-doctoral students and academic trainers and experts discussed the "Approaches to discovery and validation of biomarkers".
Dr. Makis Zoidakis and Dr. Niki Chondrogianni had set up an excellent training curriculum that focused on the advancement of biomarker research in academia and translating research into clinical benefits. In variouse presentations, student talks, poster sessions, discussion groups, the academic students were presenting their research endeavours and outcomes. Learning with and from each other was one of the key pattern of this very productive and successful training school.

General information about the workshop:

The unique feature of the proposed workshop was that it exposed the problems associated with omics biomarker studies and trained a new generation of scientists able to fix the flawed biomarker discovery and implementation paradigm. In order to achieve this ambitious goal the following specific teaching objectives were set so that students can:

• obtain a global view of omics approaches and the biomarker life cycle from discovery to clinical implementation
• acquire skills relevant to biomarker data analysis (analytical assay validation, clinical performance)
• develop critical thinking by thorough evaluation of published biomarker studies, and improve writing and presentation skills

The following topics were covered during the workshop:

A) Introduction to the different biomarker types (diagnostic, prognostic, etc.)
B) Introduction to the different omics approaches and their application in the context of biomarker research
C) Emphasis on the importance of defining the biomarker context of use in the clinical setting before initiating a research protocol on biomarker discovery and validation
D) Presentation of good biomarker practice guidelines

For further information, please open the attachment (COST CliniMARK trainings booklet 2019) above!

All relevant teaching materials can be found at Education Curriculum!