Working Group 4

Capacity building

Working groups 4 will design a website, attract new network members to expand the CliniMARK network within the first 6 months of its running time, integrate the whitepapers from WGs 1-3, coordinate the dissemination of CliniMARK results through ‘classic’ channels and investigate the establishment of new dissemination channels, and coordinate the CliniMARK education curriculum.


To furnish the European research infrastructure for clinical validation of biomarkers

To implement the whitepapers from WGs 1-3 into the biomarker research field with a special focus on the COPD networks.



To design a website and expand the CliniMARK network. A website for CliniMARK will be created with sections on project objectives, member information, education curriculum, how to join, publications, stakeholders, a password protected user-section, section for the general public, and an agenda with CliniMARK activities. In addition, to extend the network, recruitment material in the form of a flyer, LinkedIn page, Facebook account, and Twitter account will be created and actively used to expand the network during the first 6 months of the COST Action runtime.


To recruit network members as described in section 2.2.1.


To integrate separate white papers from WGs 1-3 into one for the process from biomarker discovery to clinical implementation.


To disseminate the CliniMARK results, including the whitepapers for BBP outside of the Action network through ‘classic’ dissemination channels as explained in section 2.2.2. ‘Dissemination and/or Exploitation Plan’ and to design a publication policy strategy in collaboration with scientific journals to improve adherence to BBP guidelines.


To investigate new dissemination channels in three steps:


Analysis of the success of existing dissemination channels (e.g. mailing lists, publications, conferences, LinkedIn groups, Twitter, Youtube, website)


Development of new concepts for dissemination e.g. a ‘clinical validation of biomarkers’ online platform. This platform would compile all expertise of network members, classified according to the developed whitepapers. To this platform, network members will provide the class of biomarker that needs to be clinically validated, and the type of sample that is needed and will then be provided with a list of biobanks that hold the necessary tissue samples, a list of proteomic research labs that can perform the detection of biomarkers, and a list of research groups that can design and perform the clinical feasibility study. The platform will be furnished to automatically comply to the developed guidelines of BBP.


5.3. Piloting of the new concepts for dissemination. Success and hurdles will be analysed for further development.


To establish a CliniMARK education curriculum. The education curriculum of CliniMARK will consist of yearly training schools, workshops and STSM. The education curriculum will combine parts of existing curricula to both ensure attainability and quality. This education curriculum will have a dedicated part on the CliniMARK website and will be free for Action participants. All education activities will be bundled into a BBP education curriculum. After the end of CliniMARK this curriculum can still be provided throughout Europe.


These tasks will be organized through ...
  • WG meeting
  • Short-Term Scientific Missions (STSM)
  •  video conferences
  • a scientific symposium
  • development of dissemination material and scientific publications

Major deliverables

CliniMARK website

Integrated whitepaper on BBP guidelines

Dissemination materials for the BBP guidelines

New concepts for dissemination of guidelines

A CliniMARK education curriculum


Website for the CliniMARK Action online

Integration of whitepaper on BBP from WGs 1-3

Novel dissemination channel pilot online